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All of the automation, none of the booth.

$500 (+$50 for duplicate prints)

I've designed this flexible photo-booth around the same beautiful lighting I use in studio portraits. It features:

  • Full touch-screen automation.
  • Unlimited prints both automatically and on-demand at iPad station.
  • high-resolution DSLR capture, basic image editing, full ownership of all files.
  • digital sharing via smartphone
  • 3 studio lights
  • Small, medium, or large paper or canvas backdrop suitable for couples or larger groups.
  • One delightful attendant.
  • Props
  • Optional duplicate prints for client

B'nai Mitzvah Photographic Services

The non-free part of free family portrait shoots

I do not offer print sales for these free portrait sessions. There are just so many inexpensive and high-quality options for ordering prints these days. I can’t compete with those prices. When you purchase these high-resolution downloads you are getting the full-sized (jpeg), edited, original image. You can make as many prints as you like for the rest of time. And, of course, you can share these images for free with friends and family as many times as you like. I feel like this is best for both me and for my clients.

For sales I use a site called "gotphoto". Once i've uploaded your fully-edited images, you will receive a link to your gallery via email. Editing usually takes a couple of weeks. Your gallery will remain available for at least 30 days.


Single image • $60

2 images • $90

3 • $139

4 • $169

5 • $210

6 • $249

7 • $287

8 • $320

9 • $355

*10+ • $389

*The pricing maxes out at $389. 

If you purchase 10+ downloads you will get all of the images in your gallery. Often galleries from these free shoots have 20+ images.

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